Research Proposal on Migraines

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Research Proposal on Migraines

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Migraines and Its Effects
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Migraines and Its Effects
Migraine has become quite a major concern during the last three decades because of its severity. By definition, it is a chronic neurological disease that is quite commonly characterized by moderate to severe recurring headaches. Apart from that, the migraines are not limited to a certain age group and can occur to anyone. The proposal would look at the development of different effects of migraines on the quality of life. Also, different literature are reviewed for enhancing the perspectives of migraine development and its detrimental impacts on human mental and physical capacities. The study would allow better understanding about the very cases of different people belonging to almost every walk of life and what impact it would have on their daily life routine.
Literature Review
Migraine can be considered as a condition that is quite commonly demarcated by the recurrent attacks of headaches. These attacks are accompanied more nuisance combination of vomiting, sound and light sensitivity, pain and nausea. Lipton et al. (2002) have conducted a study depicting that around 18% of women and 6% of men undergo at least one migraine every year. On a global scale, the impact can be reflected by the very cost of disability exceeding more than $13 million within the United States during the year 1998 (Osterhaus et al., 1994).
Workers who are working in severe c…

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