Research paper on Job Requirmments

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Research paper on Job Requirmments

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Job requirements Photography, Architectural Engineering, and Business Management
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Introduction.Employment today has become a tough venture in this evolving and industrious world. Technology and computers that have taken up most of the jobs leading to millions unemployed people globally. This large flood of unemployment has lead to people studying even more resulting to the very competitive world in the job market today.
Job Requirements of a Photographer
A photography is a profession where a person takes pictures with a camera, and then edits the pictures utilizing specific software to archive a different effect of the of the taken pictures. Photography is a passion driven career that requires good technical abilities to handle the equipment. To become a professional photographer, one needs a four-year training to comprehensive study and understand the camera. To suffice in this career, a Bachelor degree in arts is required. The study of photography sharpens the mind for it has various fields of exploitation. (McCormick et al, 41(6), 358)
In this profession, skill is the main factor. It enables one to secure a job. Skills are improved after enrolling for an internship it is the first stepping stone toward employment. (Wenger et al, 193-206.) At this stage, one starts to experience the joyous feeling of field study the outdoor experience of carrying around a camera and taking photographs generating self-conf…

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