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Research paper Assignment

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The Mystery Surrounding the Death of Edgar Allan Poe
The death of Edgar Allan Poe remains shrouded in mystery. Poe was a well-known writer, particularly remembered for his thrilling poems and short stories until he met his death in 1849. He had aspired to come up with a magazine of his own and publish it, a dream that never came to pass. Poe had spent his final days on a fundraising trip to support his projected magazine. On September 27, 1849, Poe left Richmond, Virginia for Philadelphia. For some reason, he did not make it board a train in Baltimore to travel to Philadelphia the next day. Days later, Joseph Walker found him unconscious in a gutter and helped him to access medical care. Up to date, people continue to speculate on the cause of Edgar’s demise. There are many theories that explain the event.
One of the main theories that most people believe in is that Poe died of alcohol abuse. There is much evidence supporting the claim, citing that he had engaged in bouts of drinking for years. However, it does not explain exactly how alcohol led to his death. In his article Bazil argues that alcoholism began at an early age for Edgar and his siblings. Their Irish house help would give them bread after soaking it in gin and occasionally, she could quiet them with Laudanum (LClark). Much as there is no dispute that Poe loved drinking, this evidence is weak as ingesting little amounts of alcohol as a kid alone is not likely to cause alcohol…

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