Research Methods 2

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Research Methods 2

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Learning about research is interesting from various levels of education. The learner experiences an inquisitive nature as one’s knowledge advances in research methodology. One gets curious to apply the knowledge in multiple scenarios. However, in some cases, the students may feel frustrated especially when trying to decide on research topics and the relevant questions. Getting aid and guidance from supervisors through the process helps the learner to gain confidence and work through any challenging research methods assignments (Leedy & Ormrod, 2015). Hence, while learning the course, students undergo various mental procedures that contribute to their ability to develop their research skills and expand knowledge.

The most effective instructional method in teaching research is classroom discussion. The instructor needs to facilitate the entire debate as it gives students the opportunity to learn from one another. The technique also allows the professor to evaluate how the learners are grasping various concepts and the content in general. As a result, it is easier to assess the areas that need emphasis. Additionally, a classroom discussion is engaging allowing the student to think out of the box and also be open to correction in cases where they may be wrong thus ensuring an effective learning process.

One question that could apply to the professor’s research problem is; how does the learner describe the experience of learning about research methods? The research questio…

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