Research Methodologies

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Research Methodologies

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Experimental and naturalistic observation methodologies will be used to answer research questions in this paper. Both designs will be explained differently to establish how each of them defines the connection between video games and aggression in children.
Experimental Method
The research method makes use of the measurements that are collected after an experiment. In this case, three groups, with five children each are placed in a room. The first team plays violent games, the second one plays non-violent ones, and the third group does not play at all. The games can go for one hour, or it can even take several days depending on the kind of results that the researcher requires. After the games end, the researcher then measures the children’s level of aggression and records it. In many cases, those that elicit more aggressive behaviours than others are the ones that played the violent games whereas the children that did not take part in these games exhibit less aggression (Hollingdale and Greitemeyer, 2014). Thus, the researcher concludes that violent games contribute to the aggressive nature of young adults.
Naturalistic Observation
Researchers have found out that best results accrue from this method of research and the study question can be answered adequately by observing children in their natural environments. Therefore, a researcher has to find out the times when children indulge in video games without having to inform them of the research. Parties are the right place to wi…

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