Research Design and Sampling

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Research Design and Sampling

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Research Design and Sampling
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Research Design and Sampling
The type of study and its justification
This study is qualitative research. Ideally, the title of the study highlights it to be longitudinal qualitative research that examines the facilitators and barriers integrating the early childhood screening used in pediatrics. According to Williams (2007), any qualitative study refers to a universal technique that incorporates finding. Social phenomenon is one identifier used in the qualitative study that is examined based on the participant perspective. Several types of research design utilize the qualitative research method with intense effect on the explored research strategies.
The study purposely used the qualitative technique to support the goal of understanding the implementation facilitators and dynamic barriers at several stages to allow the implementers address and plan for the factors that will support the high-quality execution. Besides, semi-structured interviews were carried out with the implementation providers and pediatric providers in four years (Silver et al., 2017). Additionally, the study synthesized, coded, and transcribed the interviews using severe qualitative methods. In essence, qualitative study often depends on observation, focus groups, and interviews to gather and report findings.
Sampling Methods
The objective of any qualitative study is to understand the subjective reality for the participants. E…

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