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Research Checklist

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Essay #3 Research Checklist
Write a critical question or questions about your essay #3 topic to help guide your research and writing. Remember that as with your other papers, this paper should have an arguable thesis/opinion, topic sentences, and evidence from your research to support your main idea:
Hybrid car have a role to play in the conservation of the environment unlike the case of traditional cars that are causes to pollution in the environment more significantly air pollution . The reasons for emphasis on hybrid cars are as follows:
One of the benefits of the electric cars occurs due to the less consumption of fuel. As a result, this leads to the reduction of emission of greenhouse gases. Again, the cost of running these vehicles is lower than the conventional cars. It is due to their high combustion of energy. 
example: Does volunteering for students take up too much time, or is it more beneficial?
What can students contribute to society by volunteering?
Research checklist
Important sources you plan to check:
Jun, Seung-Pyo, Jaeho Yeom, and Jong-Ku Son. “A study of the method using search traffic to analyze new technology adoption.” Technological Forecasting and Social Change 81 (2014): 82-95.
Mroszczok, Jens, et al. “Cellulose Aerogel Fibres for Thermal Encapsulation of Diesel Hybrid Engines for Fuel Savings in Cars.” Materials Today: Proceedings 4 (2017): S244-S248.
Make sure you have included the following in your final…

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