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Research article critique

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Article Critique

The paper seeks to provide insight into the essence of performance management system based on Malcolm Baldrige’s philosophy by indicating the metrics used to understand organizational performance.
This philosophy acts as the guide for Evan’s (2004) research paper as it states that an organization’s performance management system is in category four of Baldrige’s criteria, and it is the main determinant of the overall organizational health and has an impact on all the other categories of Baldrige’s philosophy. Alongside Baldrige’s philosophy is the balanced scorecard that measures strategies used by organizations to understand if an organization is on its journey to achieving its vision (Evans, 2004).
The sample used by Evans (2004) included the board of examiners of the 2000 Malcolm Baldrige, program examiners of the state and companies that had won Baldrige prizes. This was a purposive sample that may not have helped in achieving both internal validity and reliability of the results. The examiners are evaluators who may not provide information as it prevails on the ground and the data may be biased due to their subjectivity. Thereby, if I were the one conducting the study, I would modify the sample to focus on companies that have installed these performance systems.
A survey collecting quantitative data was used to obtain data. The independent variables were the organizational measures while the dependent variables w…

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