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Small Group Activities and Communication
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I agree that group activities are a great way to build communication in the workplace and it also shows that one can work together with others. The challenges you face when working in small groups such as frustration and the inability to allow others take lead are somehow normal for starters. Once you embrace tolerance and apply systems theory to communicate with others you will be able to find a balance and hence realize your great qualities. Giving others a chance to take lead will provide an opportunity to learn from them and build your leadership skills.
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Shyness is a great setback to many potential leaders like you. Based on your post, you are good at finding an efficient way to solve problems. However, you never like to be in the limelight. If you could stop being shy, you would be able to identify and take up a role that you are comfortable with. As symbolic convergence theory explains; certain forms of communiqué shape a group’s culture and identity, which influence other matters like decision making, roles, and norms (Beebe and Masterson 42). At the end of it, you will be surprised how talented and the extraordinary qualities you possess but are being suppressed by shyness.
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Self is the starting level for the progress of communiqué and the implementation of technology. You can improve your “self” in various ways. I agree that you c…

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