Reparations For Slavery

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Reparations For Slavery

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Reparations for Slavery
The slaves did much in the benefit of their masters in the slave age. Many people in the recent times have engaged in a heated debate on whether there should be reparations for the slaves; that is to mean that their descendants be compensated or be paid for the injustices endured by their ancestors. In the past times this has been done, that is paying the reparations, to other groups like the Japanese Americans, due to the injuries sustained during the World War II (Ta-Nehisi ).While it is the view of some people that the U.S. government should compensate the wrongs done to the slaves, others are on the opposing end citing the main reason to be wastage of taxpayers’ money, who never participated in the propagation of those injustices. On the other hand, proponents are not left out in the push for reparations. They argue that the African-Americans continue to suffer from the perpetrations of slavery regardless of their lineage. The reparations should be paid to finance their education and health care among other needs. The paper examines through the use of specific examples, why the Reparations for the African American population should be embraced by the government.
After the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, it was very illegal for anyone within the boundaries of the United States to house or offer any form of assistance to a runaway slave. This was Stowe’s time the author of the Uncle Tom’s Cabin whic…

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