Renaissance women by Veronica Franco

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Renaissance women by Veronica Franco

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The Life and Work of Veronica Franco
Veronica Franco was born in the town of Venice; she descended from a family who had been the native-born citizens having some hereditary rights. Franco was an only daughter amongst three sons; the intellectual life of this woman began by the time she was sharing her brothers education by the private tutors. In 1570, she got involved with Domenico’s known salon that was also located in Venice. She lived her life as a courtesan; she used to play music and was well versed in the ancient Greece and Rome’s literature and even that of the present. She also has to meet with great thinkers, artists, politicians and even some poets that had shown monumental work in the society at that time (Rosenthal, Pp. 23-28). Because of the poems that she wrote during her time she was well advertised and was raised better above the less educated women that were in the society who were merely involved in selling sex to others as such. The engagement that she had with the male patrons was dramatized in the Capitol as she had always addressed most of the poems to a different man for whom she always requested a response as well. Franco is one lady that is known for being so openly erotic; she was also said to be explicit sexually from her first poem. She got also to celebrate her sexual professionalism as a courtesan and gets to promise that she will satisfy the desires of her interlocutor.
She was so frank in speech an…

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