Rembrandt “1659 self portray” visual analysis

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Rembrandt “1659 self portray” visual analysis

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Rembrandt “1659 self-portray” visual analysis
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Printed portraits are different from photos since they have some regions painted sharper than others, to catch viewers’ attention on a specific aspect. For instance, Rembrandt portraits focused on his face was used to show his emotions and health status. A finer detail to attract viewers’ interest and induce an analytical focus is enhanced by the application of finer brush strokes. In this paper, the focus will be on Rembrandt self-portrait of 1659. The six dimensions of analyzing portraits will be used. “To fully appreciate visual communication, you must be able to use some sort of critical method to analyze pictures. …. We analyze six perspectives of analyzing images”(Lester, 2013, p. 1). The perspectives are personal, cultural, ethical, critical, historical, and technical perspectives. The emphasis on this image reveals a lot of things that the Dutch artist was going through in his life. The production of self-portrait started from his early twenties to the early 60s the age of his death. Through the images, he shows his physical and emotional transitions. “Throughout his later work, Rembrandt focused on depicting the gaze: usually one that reflects thoughtfulness, suffering or some other implied inner complexity”. (Siegal, 2015, para. 7). He recognizes that youthfulness comes along with youthful destructions. He realizes that with old age a person bears the ma…

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