Religion and Privilege

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Religion and Privilege

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Religion and Privilege
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There are numerous religious affiliations, and each believes that it is entitled to certain privileges because they belong to a particular religion. Some religions may feel that their religious affiliation is superior to another and therefore result in marginalization, discrimination, and oppression of persons from other faiths (Blumenfeld, Joshi & Fairchild, 2009). Some religions neglect different beliefs on claims that they are either immoral or misguided. All this is facilitated by the conscious and unconscious beliefs and attitudes towards a given religion. Over time, religious persecution has evolved, and this had helped sustain the dominance of various faiths due to inconsiderate assumptions.
Christianity is the most dominant religion in most parts of the world. Christians believe that they are unique and at times may be prompted to think that they deserve some privileges. A typical example is how many stores and outlets in various parts of the world do not conduct business during Christian holy days such as Christmas and Easter Celebrations (Blumenfeld, Joshi & Fairchild, 2009). Some employers exempt their Christian workers from working on such days. Most learning institutions all over the world take Christian holidays into account. Christians are assured that they will listen and watch Christian-related programs on TV.
On numerous occasions, some terror attacks in various parts of the wo…

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