Religion and medical restriction

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Religion and medical restriction

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Religion and medical restrictions
Various religions across the world are based on principles and guidelines that guide their worship. The paper will focus on the Catholic Church and the medical issue at hand is abortion. From the “library catholic origin……” The Roman Catholic Church was started in 325 CE; with headquarters in Rome. The Catholic Church has spread across the world, with the largest number of followers at about 1.1 billion. The religion practice is based on the doctrine known as the canon law, here all forms of punishment for particular violation of the canon law is mention. Abortion is among the medical circumstances that the Catholic principles gives its members guidance.
Abortion is an issue that have been condemned by the Catholic Church; it is considered murder. Since no person is supposed to take another person’s life, as indicated in the article from the Catholic News Agency (CNA). The key guidance is the canon law of 1398, which states that an individual who procures complete abortion risk excommunication from the church. Catholic leaders have advised the followers that life is sacred since the day it conceived, at birth and in the life challenges until death. The belief was emphasized by the encyclical letter by the Catholic Father John Paul II wrote in 1995.
In a specific case, a woman with an ectopic pregnancy had her fallopian tubes removed. Following a catholic doctor’s r…

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