Relationship between Walter Mitty and Cheryl Melhoff

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Relationship between Walter Mitty and Cheryl Melhoff

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The relationship between Walter Mitty and Cheryl Melhoff
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The death of Walter’s dad while he was a teen significantly impacted his life. Walter then decides to put on hold his life plans and start supporting his mom and younger sister. While working as a negative assets manager at Life magazine, he begins to show a caring and loving relationship with his co-worker, Cheryl Melhoff. As Cheryl quotes from the movie, “Life is about courage and going into the unknown,” Mitty and Cheryl begin to develop a healthy relationship that is evident at the end of the movie.
When Sean O’Connell sent Mitty his latest negatives believing the negative #25 will be published in the magazine’s final print, both Mitty and Cheryl notice that O’Connell is missing. According to Thurber (2008), they both start looking at the other three negatives to see if there is any clue of Sean’s last location. The corporation between Mitty and Cheryl is a clear indication that they have a positive work relationship. Cheryl helps Mitty in locating the negative with O’Connell’s location and Mitty flies to Greenland to look for Sean.
Thurber (2008) depicted the positive relationship between Walter and Cheryl when Mitty was about to board the helicopter but noticed that the pilot was drunk. When he imagined Cheryl singing “Space Oddity”, he gains the courage to board. After his mission failed, upon arrival at New York, Walter learns that Cheryl and his ex-husband…

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