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The Great Gatsby – An Enigmatic Love Story
The Great Gatsby is among one of the most beautifully depicted movies have elements of love story present in it. Quite commonly, it is evident that there is a love triangle existing with Tom Buchannan, Daisy Buchannan, and Jay Gatsby. Both Tom and Jay were in love with Daisy; however, the intentions regarding the feelings of Daisy are questionable throughout the movie. The main reason is because of her altering loyalties based on financial status. Admitting the same mistake Gatsby has asserted, “I knew it was a great mistake for a man like me to fall in love” (The Great Gatsby). The movie is a narration by Nick Caraway, who has owned a cottage next to recently turned multimillionaire, Jay Gatsby.
The story presents the outlook that Ayesha Siddiqui has presented in her article explaining that love is nothing but the chance to abandon overselves for a more redeeming ideal. The irony of fate associated with Gatsby includes the probability of being loved in return to his profound affections for Daisy. Explaining that, Nick has also warned Gatsby, “you should not ask too much of her” (The Great Gatsby). Surely, the intentions of Gatsby were to become rich and reclaim the love of his life.
On the other side of the picture, Daisy has depicted herself as a girl who refused to marry a poor boy. However, Tom Shone has also seconded this very social norm as attaining …

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