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Creating an online clothing store for teenage girls who focus on affordable, fashionable clothing incorporating traditional Asian style.

Name Cheap
Name Cheap

Name Cheap

Name Cheap

Choosing the name is a vital process that must be done cautiously to guarantee that the clients find the business quickly. Given that I was to select an online clothing store, I had to ensure that the information of the name matched the brand. ‘Traditional clothing wears for Asian teenage girls’ were the best keyword combination (Lifehacker.Com 5). To get the four website names, I interchanged the wordings to groups of three and four words.
The two available domains selected for the registration of the website included the Hover and Cheapest TLD. The Cheapest TLD domain was appealing as it guarantees specification of one’s site depending on individual personalities and preferences (Lifehacker.Com 5). Additionally, the price is affordable. Hover domain provides excellent ideas for the site, ensuring that it appeals to the users.
My experience at both registrars was great. The two registrars are easy to use. Additionally, they provided tutoring processes to guarantee that an individual understood the registration processes. Additionally, they offer a variety of options at an affordable price.

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