ReGeneration movie 2010

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ReGeneration movie 2010

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ReGeneration movie review
The movie represents the current generation to some extent. For example, it shows the impact of technology in the present age. The development of social media and the internet has influenced the behavior of the youth as stipulated in the film. Young adults spend countless hours a day texting their friends, posting pictures and trying to imitate social media lifestyles. However, the movie does not accurately depict that the current has become apathetic to the world’s problems (ReGeneration n.p.). The media has shown several young people trying to campaign against issues such as sexual harassment and pollution.
Some portrayals in the movie mirror my experiences. For example, the film shows that the current generation has become influenced by consumerism. In my life, I have encountered numerous advertisements that aim to increase the spending habits of the public. They exist on the internet and the television (ReGeneration n.p.). I have seen many friends watching movies at the cinemas every week because of the commercials.
Technology has exerted a significant impact on my generation. It has made young adults change their dressing styles because of television and social media stars. It has made individuals resort to online communication as opposed to the traditional face to face (ReGeneration n.p.). In some cases, technology has created sleeping disorders.
The movie shows some quotes from famous and no…

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