Refugees impact of globalization on a human rights issue

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Refugees impact of globalization on a human rights issue

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Refugees Impact of Globalization on Human right issue
The increasing number of refugees in various nations is a major cause of concern in the current globalized world. The problem is triggered by the need for enhanced security, better living standards, and other basic human needs. The problem is real and most nations are getting confused on how to deal with the situation based on the socio-economic and political impacts in the countries in which they migrate. This is because some refugees turn to be instrumental assets while, in some instances, they contribute in criminal activities. For instance, in Germany, refugees are valued and offered job opportunities especially the skilled ones while in other nations they are seen as a burden to the growth of the economy (England and Derrick 1). They are treated with contempt in the nations since they participate in criminal and terror activities. Such actions make most nations uneasy with foreigners hence impede globalization.
In most instances, it is worth recognizing that the refugees’ human rights are violated when they are many, and the hosting country lacks the capacity to provide their needs adequately. Under such conditions, their human rights to quality health care, education, social protection, security and acquisition of food may be compromised. Their rights to free movement and speech may also be affected. The adversities the refugees face have prompted many non-go…

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