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The term reform refers to the changes made to an institution to improve it. Reforms are aimed at making amendments to what is considered wrong or unsatisfactory. They do not alter the essential elements of a system, but rather tend to improve the system by fine-tuning the wrongs in the latter. The changes may cut across all facets of society as sustainable development requires continuous improvement of various systems in society. Various reasons call for improvements in society. The decision for social reforms is thus a subject of many factors including poor conditions or too much complacency that require individuals to challenge the status quo. While reforms may face resistance in many cases, liberals tend to accept changes and implement them. Before initiating changes, however, the society should be prepared in advance to avoid resistance. Humans feel threatened by changes whether good or bad.
The theme of reforms plays a significant role in the unit as it highlights the changes that have occurred from the past to today. The unit offers an account of past events and how they influence the future. Since history weighs evidence from primary sources to answer the various questions posed by historians, it comes out as an ongoing conversation between the past and the present. Every generation wants to write its history and make a better story than the previous generations (Locke and Wright 7). To be better than the previous generation’s mea…

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