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Social Work and Human Services
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Social Work and Human Services
Working as a social worker involves improving the quality of life among groups, families and communities through practice, policy, social welfare and intervention. All these facets can only be achieved when individuals are prepared well through the relevant courses and practices in school. Working as an intern with people with mental problems provides a learner with vital knowledge that can be used later as a social worker. Coupled with the experiences as an intern, different areas of discussion in class were also important. Issues of substance abuse, suicide and homicide and PTSD were particularly intriguing in future endeavors as a social worker.
Substance abuse is an issue that has not only been discussed among members in the society, but also within the military personnel who are on active duty. Witkiewitz and Estrada (2011) confirm that most members of the military embark on substance abuse due to the high levels of stress they often encounter while in combat. They usually have mental health problems that lure them to drugs and other irresponsible behaviors while in the society. Deployment stress in periods of war and the culture of the military also accounts for the increasing substance abuse among the unit. Issues of confidentiality and stigma have posed difficult processes of trying to help those who are already affected. Such instances call for the support from in…

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