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Reflective Essay

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Reflective essay
The educational journey topic was the most appropriate choice for my essay. Besides relating to me, it was a perfect reflection of my school-life transformation. I also settled on the subject of education because it was a broad arena mirroring the actual challenges faced by students.
I gathered my ideas by clustering seeing as I did not have a preset concept or a writing thesis. I came up with words related to the work to kick-start the idea creation process (Dawson 1). I chose a central word, success, and linked it with other words such as notion, expectations, perspective, effort, potential, and life-changing, which paved the way for the construction of meaningful sentences within the concept.
The feedback from instructor and peers also came in handy in framing the format. For instance, they insinuated that my work should have a logical idea flow. This fact forced me to divide my items into an introduction, purpose, implications, and conclusion. My peer’s insights also hinted about creativity hence making me introduce Barnes’s speech, which brought the story to a life-altering climax.
The final draft had such a momentous difference from the draft concerning organization, neatness, and prose. The rough was ideas pieced together to give the essay a body. Also, it was flexible as I could change the wording, and correct the mistakes. Converting this work to a final piece required me to convert the …

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