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Reflection Paper: Industrial/Organizational and Social Psychology
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Reflection Paper: Industrial/Organizational and Social Psychology
The two specialties – industrial/organizational and social psychology – offers a wide range of careers opportunities, some of which I have gained particular interest. Considering my passion towards the field of business and relations between individual, I have mainly been inclined towards exploring the career as an industrial psychologist. Through social and industrial psychology, I will deliver my skills towards an organization by improving the mental and physical health of staff members thus contributing towards the overall effectiveness of the firm. The field is key to the development of new procedures and products in organizations since I’ll be able to identify gaps and make appropriate changes.
I have gained several concepts regarding the two specialties. Primarily, in social psychology, the behavior of an individual is affected by the environment surrounding or the conditions that one is exposed to. Connecting this with organizational psychology, the management should adequately ensure a favorable environment that allows for best performance from the staff members (Kossek et al., 2011). Social psychology does not only affect the academic view of social sciences, sociology, and psychology but also changes human expectations and their understanding of social behavior. Humans are social beings …

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