Reflection of Colonial Societies

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Reflection of Colonial Societies

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I would have preferred most to live in the British Northern Colonies. This is so since they granted some form of independence in the systems of governance that they were more committed to using. They were allowed to appoint their leaders through a popular vote; this did not mean that the British were powerless to them, but then they only opted to have some form of indirect rule in the society. Unlike in other societies, here the British operated through the local leaders to rule the whole society; they allowed the locals to vote for their leaders whom they would use as the representatives of societies. I would gladly prefer to live in this society because they had been more democratic as compared to all the other societies whereby the people were only committed to the dictatorship that was exercised by colonizers. The mere fact that they were still represented by one of their own; people whom they chose by their assent means that they were obligated to serve the people as required and not to serve the needs of the colonizers alone.
I would least prefer to live in the British Southern colonies since they were denied more rights to the use of their lands. They were agriculturalists before the coming of the Britons but then after they came in, the colonies were compelled to surrender their lands so that the Britons would cultivate. Being areas that were doing well agriculturally, they were denied to have their form of leadership to avoid…

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