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Reflective Essay
Question One
“I used to wonder why TV always showed a deep-pocket black man sporting a white woman, especially a blonde. Maybe the whole ‘trophy’ thing had something to do with it since white folks declared blondes the apple pies of American beauty. When I was younger, we used to call those brothas ‘sellouts’ ” (Beatty 21)
“And each of the six raise their open hands, seeing the colors of their fingers and the colors of the painting through them, searching for themselves and for each other, seeing together anew, as if they are reaching out to touch the future.” (Chang 414)
Question Two
The two books authored by Chang and Beatty highlight the issue of race in America although their methods of delivery are distinctly unique. Chang chose a historical approach guiding the reader through half a century of American history while Beatty preferred a more fictional and satirical approach. The two passages are the embodiment of the authors’ works. The passage from Beatty’s novel, The Sellout brings to the fore the narrator’s thoughts about white women. Following in the same vein, the passage from Chang’s book Who We Be also gives insight into what the characters’ thoughts on race are and how they are optimistic about the future.
Both passages talk about the contentious issue of race and the different views that people have about it. For some, it is something that divides and …

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