Reflection 6

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Reflection 6

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Reflection 6
The National Network for Immigration and Refugees Right (2013) indicates that the major issues with the immigration policies currently include increased levels of repression. Following the increased terrorist attacks with the September 11th being a major one, the detention policies and deportation policies have been utilized to focus on “removing all the removable aliens.” It has, therefore, been difficult to effectively control the immigration level in the U.S due to the increased linkage of immigration to politics. Another major issue involves an escalation of the militarization of the immigration control hence, making it hard to implement the policies effectively. With the government putting its principal focus on the militarization of the border communities, implementing such policies to curb illegal immigration has been hard to attain. Furthermore, failure to focus on the class power by the races affected by immigration has also made it hard to implement the immigration policies (Hooks, 2014). It has, therefore, led to the continuous betrayal of the affected races; thus, making it hard to implement the immigration policies effectively.
Cultural racism is a primarily defined as an institutionalized form of racism where messages, values, as well as standards promote a false idea that makes the white race to feel superior to other races (Scott, 2012). With other policies like the cooperation between police and ICE, racial profiling is encouraged leadin…

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