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Reflected Best Slef

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Reflected best self
When I am at my best I am confident, independent, driven and loyal. My company’s vice president decided that my territory would be given to someone less productive and that I would be taking a pay cut. When I learnt about this I put together my accomplishments and activities that had helped the company grow. I was not afraid to stand up for myself. As intimidating as it was, I was able to approach her and presented my accomplishments and my plans. I retained my job because of my confidence and independence. My children are my joy and pride and raising them is not an easy job. I teach them every day to make the right decisions and always let them know that I am there to guide and support them. My son was a goalie for the soccer state finals. His team finally won and he saw the other team’s goalie dejected and he ran over to console him before joining his teammates to celebrate their win. It is such deeds that make me feel motivated and assured that I am doing a good job as a parent. Helping people in society is an important part of my life. I was able to get my company to participate in a fundraising event that saw people with vision loss and veterans with disabilities get help. I proposed the idea to the president and HR department and they agreed to it. I was then able to put up a team with the aim of naming a puppy by raising 3800 dollars and even raised a third of the money myself. The fundraising was…

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