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It is no doubt that sociology remains a relevant subject that does not only highlight the social challenges but provides insight on how such problems can be resolved in order to improve human life. During this semester, I got an ample opportunity to learn a lot of skills that, if put into practice, will be of much help to me in my capacity as an individual and a professional.
Most importantly, I acknowledge the lessons learnt from the book
Robert J. Brym and John Lie’s Sociology: Pop Culture to Social Structure in which the scholars provide an insight on sociology as a diverse area of study. As explained by these writers, sociology is a useful discipline that informs readers on the complexities of life, their challenges and how well, a sociologist can use his creative mind to deal critically with them. Every concept covered in the book had a lesson to me. For example in chapter two, the authors present a comprehensive discussion on culture. Here, they explain that culture is a diverse practice adopted by every society. Also, in chapter ten, family is analyzed (Brym & Lie, 2012).
From these chapters, I got to learn that culture is a necessity for every society because it gives them a sense of identity and direction. So, as an individual, it is important for me to acknowledge that different communities hold different beliefs. They need to be tolerated and appreciated because all of them have important contributions to ma…

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