Reconstructing the Nation

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Reconstructing the Nation

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Reconstructing the Nation
Question 1
If Lincoln had survived the assassination, there was a great chance for him to be re-elected more times since he was willing to run and had the potential of making America great. The US would not have endured his weak successor, Andrew Johnson. Additionally, the US incredible corrupt terms may have also been eliminated if had survived the assassination (Seward1). Lincoln’s less punitive policies on reconstruction were to be allowed to the Southerners in regaining their voting rights (Holzer & Scholar 1). With Lincoln, all the imposed social reforms on the southerners on freeing slavery would have gone through easily.
In his campaign, he wanted more leniency to the South than the radical Republicans had done. If he had lived, it is clear that the radical reconstruction would have happened. This is because the Radicals Republicans were able to overpower President Johnson, but it would have been very hard to happen if someone strong and popular leader like Lincoln was alive (Aftershock 9min). Therefore, it means that Lincoln would have forgotten all his lenient way and implemented the Reconstruction process (Holzer & Scholar 1). He would have required summoning to summon his skills of persuasion in forging for the inaugural address he had previously addressed before his death. He was to bring the lasting peace among all the States, especially the hatred which existed in the south between t…

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