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Mergers and Acquisitions
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Mergers and acquisitions are always accompanied by a number of widespread challenges that when not taken into consideration can lead to the collapse of both the two companies. These challenges range from loss of experienced workers in the company being bought, overstaffing, increased costs of management in case the modification of the right management is delayed. To overcome these challenges the newly structured company should adopt any new ideas into its operations as well as the leadership (Becher &Juergens , 2015). The acquiring company should incorporate the entire management of the acquired company because of a number of benefits for the success of the newly structured company. The company should thus operate under the mother company not left as a standalone. For a smooth transition and proper running of the newly structured company, Lockheed Martin’s in the merger and acquisition of the Nation Space, Inc. (NSI) should keep Jonathan Robbins in the top management.
The acquired company employees understand their course of duty as opposed to when new workers are hired. Due to the experience that exists in this team, they are at a position to steer the company missions and visions as compared to new staff who will need a lot of training in order to fully adapt in the new management of the company. There will thus be a smooth transition since the two firms share some similar values including a strong commi…

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