Recism and Health

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Recism and Health

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The Influence of the Ecological Model on Racism and Health
The ecological model is based on the notion that no single aspect can explain why some individuals are subjected to a particular risk. Racism influences health as it subjects an individual to stress that leads to multiple medical complications issues. Small biases such as being belittled due to racial background can lead to a host of health issues such as clinical depression, poor sleep, obesity, and heart diseases. This is especially experienced in African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and Asian Americans. The core concept of the ecological model is that multiple levels in health care influence health and racism (UNICEF 4). They include intrapersonal/individual factors, interpersonal, organizational/institutional, community and public elements.
Racial health inequalities have been fully entranced in the healthcare system. The ecological model recognizes that those who experience racism on the basis of social and class factors. At the Interpersonal level, the main factors include knowledge, attitudes, development history, skills, behavior, and beliefs of an individual, age, ethnicity, and other factors (UNICEF 4). All these influences how a person might be subjected to racism and as well impact the health outcomes.
At the Interpersonal level, family, friends and colleagues network, roommates, and supervisors impact health. People cope up with this racism by receiving so…

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