Reasons to give citizenship to the immigrating children

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Reasons to give citizenship to the immigrating children

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Reasons to Give Citizenship to the Immigrating Children
Comprehensive immigration reforms have been laid down to solve the challenge of most of the immigrants’ face concerning being given citizenship (Vallejo n.p.). The comprehensive immigration reform bill seems to concentrate on three reasons that offer a chance for allowing immigrants to be citizens. For instance, most of the immigrant’s parents came to us to acquire a better life while enabling the US economy to be better (Gasson n.p.). In that perspective, it is reasonable to allow immigrants to be citizens of the US as a way of promoting the economic development that is part of the developmental goals. Secondly, immigrants are not a threat to the economy since most of the immigrants engage in commercial activities that later create a chance for business opportunities that enhance that the US economy.
Most of the American born children will try to have several skills and technological ability. Allocating the immigrants a chance to acquire citizenship will offer an opportunity for the American economic development to be best with the positive influence that the society will be replacing the baby boomers and the large population that is generally heading out from the economy (Gasson n.p.). Officiating citizenship for the immigrants will also enhance social interaction among the immigrants and provide better residential behavior and coordination in the American …

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