Reasons for England colonization

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Reasons for England colonization

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Reasons for England Colonized North America
Reasons for England Colonized North America
The quest to acquire new lands and bring them under dominion was a primary desire of the imperial powers in Europe in their quest to acquire colonies. The United Kingdom is one of the most established and prestigious kingdoms in Europe in the late 16th and early 17th century had “pride” to defend by joining Spain, and Portugal in the glories of acquiring colonies. Being at the prime of its establishment, the United Kingdom felt a thrill for adventure. The news of possibilities of going to new horizons excited the public as they offered a change from the norm. This paper establishes the different social reasons for England colonization of North America.
The United Kingdom had a desire to sophisticate new people, and spread their culture. Notably, the Church, led by the Calvinists, felt that it could establish a new domain to develop a pure system of Christianity that is independent of the Anglican Church (Greene, 1988). Thus, the Protestant Church was at the forefront of volunteering missionaries and explorers who would be crucial in civilizing North America and her people. Their hopes were based on the autonomy they would have to exercise their faith without restrictions or supervision (TimeMap). The Britons also felt the urge to exert their cultural influence on new people. Thus, they felt North America was a chance to fulfill their anthropological experimentation…

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