Reason for selecting this program

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Reason for selecting this program

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The Admissions Officer,
Name of the School
Dear Sir/Madam,
RE: Admission Essay for Economics Program
I take this opportunity to send my appreciation for a chance to study in the school for a program in economics. I believe the economics of study can help people solve many societal problems. Having had an opportunity to explore the course this year, I find it interesting and would like to learn more about it in the coming years. The concepts learned in class are relatable in real-life endeavors. The instructor was able to help us have a mental picture of what we were learning and relate it to the economic matters in the world.
The insights that I got from the course require more elaboration and understanding if I can apply them conclusively in the business world. I have interests in running a business after graduating from the school. In this context, getting more understanding of the implications of the economic factors in real-life business activities will significantly help me in many endeavors. People who understand economics can gain insights of what happens to the money they spend, and they get in life. Additionally, the program will help me understand the relationship between the economy of the country and prospects.
A program in economics from the university will help me build on my career. A chance to continue studying the program is essential for my future work. Research in the field can help me get a good job and get an understanding of what…

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