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Readmission Letter

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Appeal for Readmission into the University
I am writing to request for reinstatement into the university after receiving a dismissal letter from the academic division. Apparently, I was not surprised to receive the message in line with my sub-par performance in last semester’s examinations. However, I was upset to receive the letter since I love the institution and my program and would like to graduate with a degree from this institution. I am hoping that the appeal will convince you to reinstate me for next semester. I would also like to thank you for the opportunity that you have granted me to explain the circumstances that led to my dismal performance last semester.
First, I want to acknowledge that I had a tough time last semester that in turn compelled my grades to suffer. I do not have any intentions to justify my poor grades in this appeal but would like to explain the specific circumstances that led to the results. I live with my stepfather and his family. Even before moving to that family, I knew from the onset that it would be challenging to score good grades under the conditions provided by the family. While I considered it a favor for my stepfather to offer me a roof in his house, I felt that having to help in almost everything would reduce the amount of time that I devoted toward studying for exams. According to him, it was only through helping in virtually all household chores that I could demonstrate app…

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