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Reading Questions
1. In Osama bin Laden’s letter to Americans, he condemns other religions and praises Islam as the seal of other faiths and the doctrine of kindness and peace. If the war between U.S.A and Afghanistan was a religious war as Osama suggests, how true is this? What is your understanding of the term Jihad?
2. According to your knowledge of the term jihad, does Islam seem to be the religion of peace as Osama claims?
3. According to Matthew’s article ‘how should Christians respond, ‘he states that the entire Christian faith is based on fundamental and deep-rooted conviction that the power of hope and love is stronger than the power of fear and hatred. How true is this statement? Give your answer using Biblical responses that support this statement.
4. What are the fears mentioned by Matthew in his document and how do they affect Christian faith.
5. The author of the article, “Did 9/11 make us morally better” describes New York as being abandoned in hurry by people following the historical terror attack. However, he says that the Americans later, felt humiliated and filled with anger they were determined to retaliate. In a theological approach:
(i) Explain the concept of morality.
(ii) The author suggests that the Americans were not morally ‘better ‘. Based on your understanding of righteousness according to the theological perspective analyze the way in which Americans were not moral…

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