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Category: Controversial Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: High School

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Fake News? That’s a Very Old Story Response
The article bears an interesting topic that has been in the media limelight of late. Its relevance stems present in enabling readers to know how powerful fake news is today. The author introduces new concepts that justify the idea of using fake news; that is the approach that highlights the historical perspective of false news. By explaining how John Adams, 1769, and Benjamin Franklin, 1782, who are both renown in the American history are successful in using fake news to skew public opinion to favor their motives. I, therefore, adopt the new idea of using a historical perspective to justify the role fake news played in the election of Trump over Clinton in the previous election.
Websites that Publish Fake News Make Money and Suffer no Consequences Response
The article’s topic brings forward authenticity concerns regarding piece published online. However, knowing the publisher’s authenticity goes a long way in trusting their pieces as real news. The author uses statistics in the report that represents what is happening, for instance, the amount of money made by fake news publishers. When they quote various stakeholders in the publishing and advertising sector, confidence is built, and the article can be believed to be true. This is given the fact that readers are doubtful of any content especially when reading about the fact fake news are making money by …

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