Reading response of Literacy Narrative

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Reading response of Literacy Narrative

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Reading Troubles
The topic of the narrative captures the attention of the audience. However, the introduction does not start by describing the reading troubles but rather give the reasons for the difficulties. A better description of the problem would precisely show the start of the concerns in reading. When you say, ‘I always hated reading and was never good at it when I was younger it seemed so pointless to me.” Does this indicate that at your old age you came to love reading? If so, what has led you to change your altitude? These are some of the questions that you have left unanswered and always leave the reader with the urge to know more. The narrative has not explicitly stated the thesis statement. However, concerns about reading troubles have been the main focus.
Listing some books that you have tried to read in paragraph 2, page 1, is a good example that portrays that you did not aim to stick with the problem, but instead you intended to let it go. Paragraph two and three from the start have exact reasons that have led to troubles in reading. It is a clear indication of the excellent flow of ideas.
The second and third paragraph on page 2 does a commendable task of explaining the reasons for changing the attitude about reading. However, there is no good transition between how you had troubles and how you came to love it. In paragraph two, some sentences are irreverent and should not be included in the text, for instance…

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