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Reading Reaction

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Reading Reaction
Theoretical Point
The article gives a critical discussion on the key components of the self, how it works, the various triggers of behavior, and other elements associated with the individuality as far as the mental state is concerned. The self is presented as a character and the world, in general, is viewed as a stage. The mind is influenced by the events which take place in the environment in which a person is (Mead 289). This agrees with the fact that the audience influences the behavior of the character on the stage. Even though a character on stage may not have planned for some actions, the behavior of the audience can influence their mental state and make them introduce new acts. Similarly, an individual’s mental state diverts depending on the behavior of the environment where they are and the events taking place.
What I Agreed With
According to the article, I agree with the argument that in the human environment, a person’s action tends to benefit some people while negatively affecting other people. The self is shaped by the factors which prevail in the environment (Mead 292). These factors are the activities and the events which take place. The mental state is aligned with these environmental occurrences. In turn, this conceives the behavior of a person.
What I Disagreed With
I disagree with the idea that an analogy can be created in a person but cannot be followed. This is to…

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