Read the poem below carfully. The Poem

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Read the poem below carfully. The Poem

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When I heard the learn’d astronomer
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The speaker of the poem was an audience who was seated in a lecture hall listening to the learned astronomer as he taught the students. During the lecture the speaker sees proof and figures used before him. Additionally, he examines the charts and the diagram that he was supposed to analyze them mathematically. The speaker who was a student does not applaud the learned astronomer as everyone does at the end of the lecture. He instead sits there in the lecture room feeling tired and sickly; it was after he got out that the speaker felt a sigh of relief as he looked up the sky and finally recognize the magic that they were taught in class. The speaker shows us that looking up into the sky at night was not an experience that one could get in class regardless of how learned the lecture is, the speaker shows that experiences in the real life were the only way to learn.
The poem of white man central theme is dissatisfaction. The speaker is totally dissatisfied with the astronomy lecturer. The speaker finds the lecture to be totally boring and not informing at all. The speaker does not like the fact that he is supposed to find the astronomer stars and the mathematical formulae. The speaker is dissatisfied to an extent that the speaker does not see the connection between the subject of concern and that taught. He additionally claims to be feeling sick and exhausted at the end o…

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