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Read the case and answer the questions

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Online Services
The internet has been of great importance in the society today since it has contributed a lot in improving the mode of communication (Pour 21). There is also a possibility that more ways can also be provided by the internet through which there can be communication between devices. That can affect customer service in a number of ways. One of them is that it can it can make customer services very fast since people do not have to move around since they only need to use devices when carrying out their shopping. Therefore, the customer services can also be made simpler since one does not have to directly communicate with the customers. It can also improve customer service since using the internet does not have a lot of complications.
With online adjustments and repairs, customers often expect to receive better services. The customers also expect that the services will be faster than they were previously. With new features customers are always eager to see new things that were not there before thus they are always eager to see what is in store for them.
In future, I believe such services can be of great help to my organization. The services are fast and they do not require one to transact with the customer directly. Therefore, very many customers will be served at the same time and that helps a lot in ensuring that the sales get to increase thus resulting to an increase in the profits as well. the services can al…

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