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Sexism at Workplace
Name Institution Affiliation Sexism at Workplace
There are several occurrences where a colleague at a workplace mentions or says something that makes other people uncomfortable or feel offended. Most of them find their comments funny or hardly notice how inappropriate they sound. On the other hand, the rest of the colleagues find it offensive, racist or sexist. In such a case, how to handle such a scenario is quite critical, and the next steps taken are precarious due to the uncertainty if the words spoken are bias or not and the aftermath which might involve being penalized. It is crucial therefore to weigh the benefits of speaking against the consequences, avoid making assumptions or accusations and explaining how the comment made you feel.
Doing nothing about the situation or staying silent is another way of approving the colleague behavior hence encouraging him to do it again. Not, in all cases, people have the seniority power to point out the problem, file a complaint and have the colleague reprimanded. As for the example of managers, it is their responsibility to ensure that every employee works in a comfortable environment. However, for an employee, it is essential to consider the person or people you are dealing with, the type of reaction they might have and the political cost of calling out the issue and reporting them to authorities. Such events should be taken as an opportunity to improve the working behavior of the employee and even incr…

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