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Category: Expository Essay

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Application of Human Development Theory
As a child playing was part and parcel of growing up. I enjoyed playing whether alone or with my friends. Socialization defined different aspects of everything that I did including play. The fact that I loved playing helped me in various aspects of growth. At one time while in class, our teacher gave us a task of saying what we wanted to be when we grew up. I was so unlucky to have been the first person to be called in front of the class. When I stood up, with everyone’s attention directed to me , my mind went blank and all I could think of was driving something that flies in the air. I had forgotten the word pilot. I started running around the class with my hands wide open to symbolize of wings. My classmates laughed, but eventually, my teacher was able to read my mind and acknowledge the image of a pilot. This is based on Jean Piaget’s human cognitive development theory specifically on preoperational stages of development. According to Piaget, in the preoperational stage of development, symbols are used as a representation of an idea, image or word (Bjorklund & Kayla 234). My experience supports this particular human development concept from Piaget.
My little cousin has always been experimental. On a weekend while watching television, we heard a blast from the kitchen. We all ran to check out what had happened. There was smokes coming from the socket and a metal-like object was lying ju…

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