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Rationale Paper
The title I selected for my essay was “more than meets the eye,” in order to demonstrate that in life things are not always what they seem to be. First, many people turned up for the delivery guy job, which obviously signaled tough competition for the two slots. However, there was more than meets the eye because as it later turned out all but two of the applicants were not qualified for the job. There is also Casey’s mother who may be mistaken for being mean, strict, and unhappy, but the reality is that she is a loving and caring mother. One may also think that Nelly, the pretty blonde, who secured the job was doing it for herself, but there is also more than meets the eye. Nelly is doing the job out of love so that she can buy her younger brother a drone for his tenth birthday. Equally, one would have thought that I was taking the job because I needed cash which is not true. Instead, what is beneath what the eye can see is that I am the new owner of the business disguising myself as an employee so as to learn how employees are treated. Conversely, Nix, the manager at Cheese Cake Delight thinks that I am just an ordinary employee, little does he know that I am his new boss. Undoubtedly, all of this demonstrates that there is more than meets the eye.
Additionally, I used narration integrated with conversation quotes to make the essay interesting as well as to provide vital evidence through the quotes. For i…

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