Rates of Recidivism

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Rates of Recidivism

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2nd December, 2015
Depression in Under-Graduate Students
Depression can affect individuals of all age groups, and undergraduate students are no exception to such psychological health problems. Depression is a psychological disorder that is associated with sustained depression in mood and behavior. The individual under depression fails to find enjoyment and even is under the risk of suicide. Depression is just a manifestation of various mood disorders and is associated with psychiatric comorbid diseases like panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, to name a few. The symptoms of depression include sustained depressed mood, trouble in falling asleep or sleeping too much, eating too much or eating too less and speaking so fast or slow, which is unnatural to others. For the management of depression, it is important that the symptoms of depression and its associated disorders must be diagnosed appropriately. The disease is marked by decreased availability of serotonin in the synapse. Serotonin is a mood elevating neurotransmitter, and hence reuptake of excess serotonin in the presynaptic membrane leads to the state of depression. Various cognitive therapies and pharmacological agents are implemented to control the episodes of depression in both children and adults. Left untreated, depression may lead to episodes of self-harm and even suicide. Hence, it is important to…

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