Rapid Rehospitalization

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Rapid Rehospitalization

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Rapid Rehospitalization
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I am currently working in a nursing home and among the problem that requires managerial intervention is on how to reduce the rapid rehospitalization of Frail community. Even though there exist regulations that address transitions between nursing home and hospital, the proposed care management strategies promote the sharing of critical information among professional care providers. The frail community at my workplace with complex social and medical needs are venerable to preventable rapid rehospitalization. The current interventions to care management confronts unique challenges in regards to improvement of the transitional care. To reduce readmission, the care management interventions should first identify any existing communication gap and then develop decision sharing strategies. The decision sharing strategies should focus more on sharing critical information (Ginter, Duncan, & Swayne, 2018).
Such strategies are paramount among healthcare professional since mismanagement of medication may cause a considerable number of readmission cases. As such medication reconciliation is one of the available quality improvement avenues. Such process leads to the identification of the most accurate and appropriate medications list for a patient. This list should then be provided to the participating care providers during the transition. And this should be done through the system of health care. Another viable …

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