Rape as a Weapon of War and The Nobel Prize

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Rape as a Weapon of War and The Nobel Prize

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Rape as a Weapon of War and the Nobel Prize
Rape has been consistently used as one of the weapons during warfare on various occasions. Women are often victimized to the extent of getting pregnant, suffering infections and being isolated by their families. It is factual that rape is a traumatizing experience whose effects can last for a long time. The discussion puts into view what needs to be done for rape to be viewed as one of the weapons during warfare and the adjustments that need to be integrated to the domestic and global laws for the strategy to be recognized.
A strategy that may be employed for rape to be identified as a weapon of war is formulating peace processes with the focus being on women’s leadership (MADRE). The associated view is that the realities relating to conflicts are drastically changing especially with the increase in warfare between non-state and state actors. It is important to note that women play a crucial role in the formation of sustained peace. Women at the grassroots level are informed of the local dynamics and essentials of their communities because of their experience in taking care of the vulnerable population and fighting rape. The idea is that when the voices of women receive attention at various levels associated with peacemaking, women get the opportunity to share their perspectives. With that, the adjustment that needs to be integrated into both global and domestic laws is for women t…

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