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Rain Drops

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Rain Drops
The following essay imitates the elements of Alice Walker’s narrative style in the writing, The Flower, In love & trouble (Walker 23).
It was a chilled Saturday morning, enveloped by mist and a cloudy sky. The morning was unusually silent. Birds were no longer chirping, the sound of crickets could no longer be heard, and fields were desolated of cattle. Thunder roared as if threatening to punish finish humanity with a massive storm, an unusual event in the usually-hot July month. Vincent was sitting outside his hut. He held his cheeks and guessed blindly into the field. He seemed sad and in deep thoughts. Surely the sun had died. All along he had been thinking about his dad, how he meant a lot to him, and how his life would change to worse without his father. Vincent’s mother had abandoned him and his father to marry the love of her life. Vincent was only four months old then. Vincent’s elder sisters Elizabeth and Margaret were six and three years old. His father, Mr. Raphael Odima, had then sworn to raise his children singlehandedly and would not marry again. “Are you sure you can do this?” Elizabeth woke him from his reverie. It was time for him to see his dad off. Elizabeth understood how deep Vincent loved his dad. It was a difficult time, and she knew she had to be there for him.
“From ashes to ashes, dust to dust…” the priest read from his scriptures. Vincent felt we…

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