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Radiolab Rainbow

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Radiolab: Rainbow
I will focus on the topic of colors from the podcast. Colors are the human optical perception that is defined by various color categories such as red, green, blue and orange. The discernment of colors is brought about by the stimulation of the cone cells found in the human eye. The stimulus is brought by electromagnetic radiation found in the visible spectrum. The perception of the different colors depends on the various objects, and the wavelength of the light reflected on them. The reflection is directed by certain properties like emission spectra and absorption of light.
Isaac Newton poked his eyes to find evidence that he could use to support his idea that light contained particles. The experiment also proved that the eye sees things upside down using the inverted lens (Fulci, 2013). The experiment is used today to show that our eyes see inverted images. Color is created by the mind and light, and other factors like the mixtures of the wavelengths are found in the external world. Light waves have some properties such as polarization, wavelength, and coherence that helps in the creation of different colors by the brain. Color only found in the brain and not on the outside. A rainbow is formed by the scattering light from the sun by water droplets suspended by the air. The colors of the rainbow are standard colors we see with our naked eyes. Mantis Shrimps have a wider range of visibility to lig…

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