Radio Culture & The Real World

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Radio Culture & The Real World

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How Did Radio Disrupt Cultural Norms?
There exists a relationship between radio and the disruption of cultural norms. In this aspect, cultural norms refer to the societal standards, which people live in. As previous researchers demonstrate, the introduction of radio played a significant role in the eradication and introduction of some new social practices (Pooley & Others 5). For example, through the existence of early radio programs, some music genres such as rock and country were made famous. Besides, radio became a new way of finding news, since it was an enhanced way to follow events, as compared to print media Furthermore, influential people, like former presidents, used radio as a tool of communication. For instance, in his tenure, President Roosevelt commonly used the radio program, “Fireside Chats” as a tool of communication (“War of the Worlds | Radiolab | WNYC Studios”). .
What Do Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats Have to Do with War of the Worlds?
Roosevelt’s fireside chats and the War of the world demonstrate the growing popularity and significance of the radio in the 1930s. Furthermore, the same portrays the radio as a communication tool in the society (Buhite & Others 6). However, the relationship between the two is demonstrated due to the Aspect that Roosevelt’s “Fireside Chats” paved the way for other radio shows such as the World of wars (Editors, Such shows became very popular and had a significan…

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